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  • I only read these Apple Matters articles now and then. Mainly when I'm bored. I disagree with the entire idea that a PC is for men and Macs are for women. I'm a man and am bored. I'm reading and typing this with my iMac while my wife is watching the super bowl. What kind of sexist generalizations can you write about that one? Actually, I think you just wrote this as it's a strange sexist article aimed at getting more clicks and I'll be danged if I didn't click it to read. arrrrghhhhhh
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    Men are from PCs, women are from Macs
  • About the design thing with the new iMac. Had a long time PC user in the house this a.m. (I'm still trying to get rid of the stinch!) and he flipped when he saw my iMac. Where's the tower? That's it? In other words, would you change the way Marilyn Monroe looks like? Not that my iMac does, but the iMac is the best looking 'puter on the market. And I agree with the firewire thing. Do any of you people missing FW want to buy mine? I have no need for it. I'll sell it to you real cheap.
  • PortaMac is way too funny, but I wouldn't want to pee in one! Might get a iFireBall.
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    MacBook... what else could it have been?
  • Where do you get Pages? I've got a iMac I purchased Dec. of 04 that has iLife '05. I'll assume this is part of the iWork package a person needs to order separately?
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    Pages: A Dusty Diamond
  • b/c I'm no marketing expert, I'll agree with dotmike. iLife is a good reason for people to buy an Apple computer. But the thing that sticks in the back of my mind is I find Window users cheap. They look for the cheapest way to get an app, program or what ever. They don't look for quality and in the end, becomes the best buy. Of course, this is a huge generality, but through the years, this has been my observation. "It's cheaper to get this window app..." etc.
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    Should Apple Port the iLife Suite?
  • I got on board with iLife 04 when I purchased my new iMac and I quickly updated to 05 the next month. It was a main contributor as to why I chose to stay with an Apple computer (my first 'puter was a 98 iMac... which looks like the new eMac today). I called the sales people at Mac when I got down to the last few computers I'd be willing to buy. Garage Band. I was looking for a program where I could write down some of my compositions and be able to hear them back. When the entire set up came to my door step, including the M-Audio Key station (synth) and a Sony Mic, I was blown away. Not only could I put my songs in a format to hear back, I've made recordings, as if I hired an entire band. And I had instant replay. Plus, I could burn a CD when the chart was complete. FANTASTIC! This opened an entire world to me. (a side bar; one of my profs that heard one of my CDs I recorded and burnt entirely on my iMac wanted to know how I got all those good musicians together. He thought it must have cost me a fortune to get so many musicians together to record that hour long CD... of course it was just me, myself and I. I didn't have to worry about the band being upset with me when I'd call for a recording session anytime I wanted! ha It was just my 9 1/2 fingers and voice. I even sang the background female vocals by changing the voice parameters after I sang in the line.) I've been writing music for decades. I recorded on 45 and 33 LPs back in the 70s. I know, what's that? This is simply great. Musicians, good or wanna-be, simply don't know what they're missing if they own a *gag, sputter* windows toy. So I guess I'm for it. I'm not versed in marketing and know nothing of sales. That end of it just confuses me. ha What I do know is a I have a few friends that have some strange thing where you can write music and hear some antiquated replay, but not even close to the level of garage band. To me, all the rest of the stuff, besides iTunes and iDVD are just thrown in stuff as I could care less about iMovie and doing bank books or pie charts.
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    Should Apple Port the iLife Suite?
  • Forgive my lack of vocab as I may be confusing browser with a start up page. However, Excite has a search engine, just as Netscape and Yahoo do. I remember the old days of using one of those 3 as a "start up" page to the net. One would get their news and then go surfing. Remember when a person would start a word search and you'd get a page of optional search engines? I'll add something that may seem trite, but in the 90's there was an explosion in public schools for the need of computers, computer education, computer teachers, computer repair personal, and rethinking how schools were made to accomodate all the new wires, servers and the lot. Sections of some schools were set aside not for typing classes and other business type classrooms, but were now being used for computer education and computer lab work. Without a combination of business and education getting together to actually put computers in the schools, I'm not sure if we'd be having this conversation. I was a middle school principal for 3 years in the last part of the 90s. I was brought on board as a principal to get the staff behind using computers. I must have been one of the few that actually had any experience with e-mail that applied for the job then. I didn't know much. I was more curious then anything which was more then what the others had that applied for the job. One of the rules we set up prior to doing job interviews for new teachers... they had to have computer experience and must have some experience using Apple. It didn't take long that that was also a precursor for principals too. The first shock I got the 1st day as a principal in '96, was there wasn't a computer in the middle school office. None of the secretaries had used one and the previous principal didn't see the need or use for computers. Getting the school wired was a problem too. Not just wired for the net, but getting enough electricity in the rooms so we could also have light and drink our coffee too. So another milestone with this technology had to be getting more Electricity into the schools. Something we take for granted now. Our state was more then helpful in purchasing 'puters for schools to put 'puters in the classrooms, but many school systems didn't have the capability to run them. So many schools had computers just sitting in rooms not connected to anything b/c there wasn't enough electricity to run them. Just couldn't plug in 40 of those in a room and call it a computer lab! So we had to rethink how we'd get elec. to all these rooms. This was all a major shift in the system.
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    Popularizing the web
  • Do incomplete systems count?
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    How Many Operating Systems Can You Name?
  • Ben Hall, thanks for the link to data on difference of write and read speed between USB 2.0 and FW 400 & 800.
  • I also read the CNN article and found myself wondering what the heck Flickr was. So I googled it on my Safari and found myself downloading tons of photos using their OS 10.3 friendly uploading device. What a change this Yahoo generated device will bring the photo world! How about Excite? Not as profound as Netscape, but early chatters used this faithfully.
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    Popularizing the web
  • I'm a Mac user. What is a virus?
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    Take It With A Grain of Salt
  • WINDOWS? omg, this person has really flipped out! I think we're writing about progress instead of digression. The powers that be in progress don't consider a particular brand, unless of course, it's their's they are trying to sell. Then it's not progress, but rather a marketing ploy.
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    The Intel iMacs Won't Have A Disk Drive
  • Anytime is a good time to buy a computer. Computers are in constant change... morphing as we type. A person can sit until they rot waiting for the perfect 'puter to roll on to their desk. Look at the early 90s 'puter ads for all the "ultimate" 'puters available then. If we hadn't purchased the first commadore 'puters, we wouldn't be having this type of conversation. So buy your 'puters now and eat, drink and be merry for Christmas and the New Year Eve's party! As one of us will surely write an article Dec. '06 asking, "Should we buy a computer now?" *g*
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    Should You Buy A Mac Now?
  • Good point. My G5 iMac has only the 17" model, but I l forget, lot's of people have the slower G4s or even worse... *gasp* a freaking pc to download from iTunes. mwahahahahahahaha
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    Coming Soon to An iPod Near You
  • This article has taken on such an interesting view. So I thought I'd take a look at how the argument on the importance of a disk drive is coming along. However, this is more a documentation of how people will react at first. I see it when my 80 + year old friends cuss me out when talking about no photo albums and no cassette players when I tell them my photos and music is all computerized. Anger is displayed over the thought of no DVDs, CD in this forum. You people must be so young as to have forgotten the record, cassette player and the forever honored 8 track player. I remember in the 60s when there was talk of putting music on something other then a record or reel to reel tape. That's when Cassettes and 8 track players came out. Tons of people invested a lot of money in record collections and lots of people invested in tons of storable sounds on reel to reel tapes just to see that go by the way side with 8 track and cassette decks. Probably b/c you couldn't play a record or a reel to reel conviently in a car or truck. And certainly b/c astronauts couldn't play records in zero gravity. The thing is, people couldn't see the end of records and reel to reel recorders, much less the end of cassettes. There are many people that still have tons of sounds recorded onto those mini reel to reel devices. No one blinked an eye b/c we had a lot invested in records, 8 track players or cassette decks. Progress continued to progress whether people wanted progress or not. Thus, the CD player and DVD burners became important. Not only could you put photos, music, movies and games on these devices, the amount of information you could put on a CD or DVD was far more than a cassette or record. Now we have Blue Tooth or satellite technology to push CDs and DVDs out of the picture. Some of you are angry about having to use telephone wires instead of cable wires for your communication that you don't realize both of these systems are replacable and are being as we write. We not only do not need CDs or DVDs, we do not need wires. It's just a matter of time and Blue Tooth will be the standard as people sell their DVDs and CDs in garage sales across the universe just as people buy the 8 track players today. B/c once you get the idea of talking about tetras instead of giga, you'll understand. Progress doesn't stop for anyone or anything. It's a continuum.
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    The Intel iMacs Won't Have A Disk Drive